10 Life regrets I’m forever learning from (6)

I pray you go through life with minimal regrets. 

I’ve thought of ten standout life regrets that have helped define my new found passion and renewal of life. They are forever forging convictions and attitudes in me like solid foundations to build an even greater life. I walk through life on purpose, a man on a mission that will not be deterred.

I’ve been very fortunate to achieve everything I’ve imagined (few could claim such ambition) and I’m confident I’ll continue to achieve my ongoing crazy dreams. Paradoxically, my life achievements have not been the greatest source of life satisfaction. I believe it’s the overcoming unhealthy aspects of ego and learning from my regrets.

Have I arrived? God no!, it seems life truly does begin when we have exhausted our selves, figuring out what we don’t want out of life.

As I’m learning to be kinder to myself, I look for diamonds in the rough, starting with my family, extending it also to whosoever. I practice one of the oldest truths that brings long lasting meaning. ‘Loving my neighbour

My 10 life regrets 

1. Not giving my wife the wedding she deserved (I can’t begin to explain, but I got everything I wanted, to my shame)

2. Not respecting my wife enough in at least the first decade, perhaps longer of our marriage (I’m getting there, 35 years later)

3. Not being there for my son’s birth (What was I thinking being 3000km away)

4. Not leaving what became a toxic religious cult that I was in for twenty one years. I should have left it at least five years before I did. (Addicted to false success until good conscience gave way)

5. Not letting my kids know how much I struggled with the black dog (Despair) for many years, on the inside. By default I gave them a false impression of what strength and success looked like (I thought I was meant to look strong at all times, impossible)

6. Not harnessing in my early years of ambition to succeed at all cost (the end doesn’t always justify the means)

7. Not obeying my conscience as much as I should have (I’m getting better at obeying the older I get, God gives me no options)

8. Not appreciating enough how fortunate I am despite my dumb decisions (I’m definitely waking up to this big time daily)

9. Not recognising the value of honouring my mother and father earlier (I made up for it with my mother, thank God)

10. Not investing in google (Humour and sarcasm, I’ve always kept sharp)

I pray you go through life with minimal regrets and with the regrets you do have, that they transform you into a wholesome loving person.

If this message resonates with you, know there is hope of absolute renewal and your best days are ahead of you.

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