The hidden years – Price of renewal

Don’t settle for good – BECOME A GREAT HUMAN

A friend of mine marvels at my discontent for status quo & my enthusiasm for relevance. It’s not that I want to be liked, I just believe that life has so much to offer. Like the following illustration, I believe I have a few journeys yet to experience in this world.

Every few years in order to reinvent one’s self and prepare for the long haul, we need to disappear for a season and recalibrate.

Every seven years the Great Eagle will go into a self imposed season of renewal.

They find a cave for the lonely process to begin. In the confinements of darkness they would pluck out old feathers that no longer have purpose. They would also beat their beak against rocks to remove foreign matter that had built up.

In that bruised state of body & mind the Eagle would experience healing & renewal.

This ritual would assure this great bird of the next seven year cycle of life, empowered & refreshed.

Maybe you too feel the loneliness of renewal, the need to remove damaged feathers that helped you get to this point. Or even break off foreign & negative matter stuck to your beak.

Principles are timeless, methods are always evolving as we learn the art of speaking & living a new future into existence.

Don’t just exist, become a Great Human through the pain of change. 

2018 will be what we are prepared for it to be and what we speak it to be.

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