New Leadership Role

When asked “How will you manage your new department?”

There are often two approaches to a job promotion, that of a hirling and that of a shepherd.

A hireling (a person purely employed for material reward) these types were referred by the ancients by their view of  the wolf’s approach, he abandons the sheep allowing the wolf to scatter & destroy sheep. A hireling has zero care factor for the sheep. We have all come across a hirling or two in our career.

A shepherd (one who takes ownership of the sheep as a steward and not as a proprietor) when the shepherd sees the wolf, they are ready to defend the sheep even to their own peril.

When asked “What am I doing about a team that appears to be incompetent?” 

Simple answer

1. I’m gathering the sheep, hopefully leading them to greener grass & protecting them from the obvious wolves. Lots of sick sheep in departments that have had a lack of leadership and the sheep have been led astray.

2. I’m looking for individuals with the heart of a shepherd and prepare them to take on my role even before I start dealing with the hirelings.

3. It’s about being passionate in developing others to know how to take care of the sheep.  It’s about leading the sheep to greener grass as well as train them to sense the wolves not so obvious; it’s the wolves in sheeps clothing that can do the most damage. Weeding out the hirling and the wolf is paramount to a new leadership role. 

It’s easy to just get rid of everyone in a department that is not performing well & start fresh.

I’m not a hireling & I’m definitely not a wolf (Wolves & hirelings have the same scent, it’s the scent of pride, arrogance & self gratification) they suffer from ‘WHAT ABOUT ME’ 

Our calling is simple if we have the heart of a shepherd and our objective is to 

1. Clean up the current mess & set simple parameters of operation.

2. Create and deliver an efficient maintenance and upkeep regime & challenge an industry to value the assets in their care.

3. Develop & empower those that have an appetite to make a difference

4. Most importantly- Keep growing myself or I’ll become obsolete 

And do all the above in a spirit of love, even though it comes across as tough love at times, it’s still done in the spirit of love. 

God knows the world has plenty of hirelings and not enough shepherds.

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