Precision beats power

Precision beats power – Timing beats speed

If we want to impact the next generation in a wholesome way, I can think of a no greater training ground than the sometimes unforgiving environment of the building industry. 

‘Doing things right even when no one is watching unleashes inexplicable power in your moment of need.’

Conor McGregor lives by a simple motto ‘precision beats power & timing beats speed’

When others are asleep he’s training, when others have no vision, he dreamed of being the champion.

Focusing on hitting in the right place at the right time.

May I encourage you to do the same. Be vigilant about doing the right thing day in day out. Be faithful to yourself (to your God given conscience) especially when you see others get away with doing the wrong thing. That’s not for you to concern yourself with, they’ll have their day in the ring & a champion they won’t come out.

Your private victory will always give you public victory.

Don’t forget rule number 1 of self governing. 

Clean your own space, you can’t give what you haven’t got. No one will ever outgrow this first rule of self governing. 

Champions aren’t born, they are carved out in the privacy of self discipline. 

We who consider ourselves as leaders in the making must always rediscover this first rule again & again and teaching the next generation to do the same.

In my mid fifties, I find the first rule of self governing as hard today as when I first discovered it decades ago, but the fruit outweighs the price time and time again. All the success in the world can’t beat a peaceful conscience.

disclaimer: I don’t endorse everything McGregor says or believes in, as for a good fighter, he’s got the magic most dream about.

Imagine with me of the impact we can make to one young person if we live by the first rule of self governing. Our beliefs, attitudes & actions make all the difference. 

‘Precision beats Power – Timing beats speed’ 


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