Tell someone you love them

Tell someone you care about that you love them and go out of your way to prove it.’

A study in ancient tribalism, one will discover that the human race has learned little in the way we treat one another.

In tribal law it was imperative that one inflict the right amount of punishment on one of their own for misconduct, widely understood as ‘An eye for and eye’

This was the basic way of keeping some sort of law & order among themselves. Fear was the motivator.

We call our jails correction facilities, yet few are corrected.

Gangs, cults or closed groups grow through the law of retribution, fear being its greatest motivator. They woo you in and fear keeps you from ever leaving. 

How do we break the cycle of fear and rise above the law of retribution?

There’s another law that supersedes the basic law of retribution, it’s called the law of love.

Love unleashes like a fierce storm the power of forgiveness, reconciliation and healing in arenas few dare to tread. 

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t see grown men cry through the fear of retribution. They have to face the mistakes of their own doing. Choices that may destroy their homes, financial stability, sanity of mind. These are individuals that live by the law of retribution. ‘An eye for an eye’

Retribution still leaves a hole in the human heart even when the debt to society has been paid.

Let me describe this law of love that frees us from fear & hidden phobias of what may be to live life boldly & walk with a clean conscience.

The words of an ancient carpenter  ‘Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you’ 

Love is that hope in a marriage that is doomed because of misconduct only to birth miraculously the process of restoration and healing.

Love is that power in a family where the father or mother may be absent and the child is protected from becoming a victim.

Love is that law in society that will disrupt a person from self destruction in the hope of setting them on a wholesome path.

Love will go way beyond the law of retribution to get things right. I’ve seen young men walk a hundred miles to get the girl yet won’t get out of bed to keep her (To their shame). Love strives way beyond anyone’s expectations to do the right thing.

If we deal with one another only through the law of retribution we will only achieve a shallow form of order while we remain broken in spirit.

If we rise to the higher order of the human spirit and evoke love to the table, we will not only see a correction in human behaviour, we will see transformed champions rise from the murky waters of shame.

More men (and women) need to get familiar with love’s true power and not be shy to express it to their sons and daughters.

The law of retribution will forever be the basis for order but it’s the law of love that makes families & societies flourish by placing the heart back in the centre of relationships.

‘Tell someone you care about that you love them and go out of your way to prove it.’

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