Speak into their lives and disrupt them into hope

Over 20 years ago I spoke at a church assembly in Wembley, London to a group primarily made up of Nigerian & West Indies young people, many with very sorted pasts’

I gave my talk with all the passion I could give, I was about thirty one.

To do what I did in those days cost my family everything, financial security and my absence where I spent three weeks away a month somewhere in the world. I did it because I believed I could make a difference.

That night back in London a young Gang member walked into the meeting who had no intention of changing; in fact he planned to rob me after the meeting thinking my Rolex watch was real. 

Years later I met up with that young man who had since gotten married, had children all suited up and he to travelled around the world sharing with other communities how their lives could make a difference.

He said words to this effect “You don’t remember me but I attended a meeting where you spoke and I was planning to rob you of your watch but your words affected me so much, I made a life changing decision that night”

(I could give you story after story that inspire change) The point I’d like to make is simple

I never presented a program, I presented life and deliberately chose to disrupt people for the greater good. 

Dear leader

It could be that our next young leaders are within your company or circle of influence. Are they being disrupted enough to never join a gang or consider drugs as an alternative but more importantly to lead them into a purposeful life.

I’d like to challenge you to consider a vehicle called Motivation Club as a means into the next generations heart. Having an ability to speak life into a young persons spoil.

If you’re remotely interested in what I’m talking about please let’s arrange a meeting.

There is a means to my madness and if we are not producing next generation leaders we are failing in our duty to influence our young.

Just remember this ‘Life begets life, not programs’ 

I look forward to your thoughts.

Picture taking after a talk at a prison to approx 50 inmates. Over the next eighteen months after this talk, we have young men working in the Perth construction industry renewed and living a life of purpose.

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