Crippled King of the jungle likened to a corporate captive

Visiting the zoo in the city of Chennai, south India with my daughter and grandsons, I thought I’d be enchanted by the King of the jungle?

When I look at this magnificent creature, my instant reaction was pity. The paradox was simple, the lion was safe, he had food at the same time each and every day and he was admired by the daily visitation of hundreds of fans.

When the food was administered, the lion didn’t look too excited, barely lifting his head as he made his way to the food. Everything was taken care of and that is precisely the beginning of the end.

This precious creature didn’t have to hunt, he merely represented the idea of the king without earning the right of a king.

All too often we entrap ourselves like this lion and settle for the mundane, allowing the fences to be erected around us without protest and have people just admire us at a distance. The idea of the hunt fades away and life is nothing more than turning up without a purpose.

This majestic creature of the wild turned into a domesticated nightmare. This will always be a reminder to those of us that know they have a greater calling than being fed, being sheltered and being admired at a distance.

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