Big dreams – Broken lives – Beautiful moments

Standing on a future entertainment platform overlooking the Swan River and Perth Hills with a couple of young men talking about possibilities.

A couple of years ago, this platform was just an conceptual idea in the mind of construction boss Gerry Hanssen. He envisioned a cruise ship style resort that could entertain over a 1000 people in the middle of the Swan Valley.

Josh who is in his late twenties leads a construction crew of x addicts from Shalom House, a local drug rehabilitation centre. Josh under the guidance of Gerry Hanssen overseas the men who are building the dream resort as they rebuild their lives. The atmosphere is electric knowing that anything is possible if you can conceive it in your mind first.

Josh shares his personal story of restoration from drug addiction and crazy ideas of the future with a friend of mine Chisenga who is a Perth Hip Hop artist. Chisenga shares his art and they listen to bite of his music on this future platform.

As I watched these guys communicate, laugh and be really open with one another after having just met; I think, this is what I love about having big dreams, experiencing brokenness and enjoying beautiful moments.

It’s the example of men like Gerry Hanssen who went from rags to riches and now at the top of his game in his seventies that can inspire men like Josh and Chisenga. Gerry laughs and will often say, “I haven’t even started” while building his hobby cruise ship style resort in the middle of a Perth premier tourist region.

If Gerry can fulfil his dreams, I can see men like Chisenga and Josh even you who share equally bazar dreams be realised too.

Maybe Chisenga will bring the house down with his Hip Hop on this very platform or sing at a sports stadium in the not to distant future. Maybe Josh will become a motivational speaker speaking to hundreds of men out of rehab or invent a new building product that changes the industry.

As for today, it’s just a great moment of possibilities.

Still talking, still laughing down by the edge of the Swan River, you’d think they knew each other for years.

I look forward to sharing Chisenga’s and Josh’s stories in full at the right time #yourstorymatters

Big dreams – Broken lived – Beautiful moments

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