Smart world, nation, city, neighbourhood – Don’t let them hijack our backyard

While we look for life on other planets, we are destroying our own backyard

Refilling bottles of fresh water 1/10th of the cost through smart technology… it should be free but it’s a start.

As an undeniable optimist, I’ve believed most people in positions of authority were concerned about the greater good and weren’t merely in it for themselves, and then I woke up.

It’s only now after travelling the world, climbing a career ladder that led to a cliff, experiencing too many set backs and success, raising a family, I have to say….

… mum was 100% correct when she said “Don’t rush life, squeeze every minute out of the day because you’ll blink and it will be all over”

In our race to reach the stars and our unquenchable apatite to create artificial intelligence, we have been turning our own back yards into rubbish tips and our intelligence is diminishing to that of a machine.

Picture taken in the north west of Australia where our beautiful country continues to make most of its money.

How is it that my mother who in her forties migrated to Perth, Australia and purchased a small 800m2 plot of land, built her family home and felt like she was in paradise till the day she died at ninety three years of age?


Her village in the mountains of Greece/Macedonia was decimated through war. Her people were scattered throughout the world and her first born was torn from her arms. When she had an opportunity to migrate to Australia with my dad and her three children, all she saw were possibilities. Mum turned that small plot into a paradise. For nearly fifty years this plot sustained her through her clever use of space, her passion for flowers and vegetation and her understanding of upkeep. One of the most outstanding qualities she had was economics, she lived within her means and turned a house into a home.

My hope is that we as global citizens wake up and realise all we need we already have in our own back yards. With the proper use of technology, science and management we can only enhance what we have rather than allow these tools to hijack our very existence.

If the people in power have a social conscience but have no means to deliver, they are useless.

If the people in power have the means to deliver a utopia without a social conscience they are equally useless.

The world is looking for leadership that has the will to fight for the greater good. The only way these individuals will emerge and be recognised can only come from one place.

They practice what they preach

It’s the motive and the ability of the leader that is paramount. Always ask the question,

“Who stands to profit most and is it sustainable?”

I love my planet, nation, city and neighbourhood and as a custodian I’m as responsible as you are to revitalise it.

I’m INSPIRED after having a coffee with a friend in the heart of Perth. We walked through a roof top organic eatable garden and through the serenity of the wetlands. A simple taste of paradise in our midst of Perth’s cultural centre.

While we look for life on other planets, we are destroying our own backyard

I’m ever hopeful that leaders will rise to invigorate and redefine Smart Living, as I’m compelled to do.

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