The day humour stops – The death spiral begins

Sitting in a cafe bustling with people and I glanced from table to table subtly looking for ‘the laugh’, about fifteen tables in all.

Human nature is great

Watching people meet each for the first time and in most cases ‘the laugh’ took less than a minute from the introduction.

Watching friends greet each other, ‘the laugh’ started seconds from their greeting.

Watching business people negotiate and navigate through their conversations, ‘the laugh’ was intermittent. At a distance it looked like a tribal language of bonding and team building.

‘The laugh’ has so many healing and remedial traits to it that it should be encouraged at every level.

The moment ‘the laugh’ stops, so does the relationship. The moment ‘the laugh’ stops, so does the negotiation. The moment ‘the laugh’ stops, so does the opportunity.

My wife will often mock me and tell me that I’m not funny and I just think that’s too funny. She is so wrong, I am funny.

When my wife and I went on our first date we both laughed so much. Call it nerves, call it infatuation, call it the beginnings of an incredible thirty two year relationship. The day the smiles, sarcasm and laughs stop, so does the marriage.

If your work place is continually dry of humour, look for another place to work, you deserve better.

Just now while writing this at the cafe, I put my experiment to the test while watching two guys sit at the table next to me. I put my stop clock on as they greeted one another. I wanted to see how long they’d take before ‘the laugh’ appeared… 2 minutes and 32 seconds… and the laugh was half hearted. I felt like interrupting them both and saying “No business will happen between you two guys, just don’t waste your time talking any further” maybe they are late bloomers, so there’s still hope.

Take time out to laugh a little, there is so much to laugh about. Take time out especially to laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself so seriously.

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