They’ll try to steal your reputation – Stay relevant and be in their way

They think you’re too old, too young, you made way too many mistakes, you are out of touch and insignificant. They’ll judge you through their ignorant small minded and narrow eyes and all I can say is,

“They talk Rubbish, it’s all about perspective”

The forgotten ones

In Perth we have a great love for four wheel driving and the above picture was taken in 2017 in a bush track called ‘Gnangara Pines’ 

Growing up in the suburbs of Perth, the image of a burnt out car was not new especially at ‘Gnangara Pines’. If only these cars could talk.

Close to forty years ago, 1979, probably listening to AC/DC’s Highway to Hell. A friend of mine stole his brothers car and we took it for a joy ride for the day. We could barely see over the steering wheel, I was fifteen and he was sixteen. We thought nothing of stealing some one else’s pride and joy, the adrenaline was kicking in, a completely selfish and immature act. We just thought we were gangsters.

Over the next few days, I heard that my friend was so scared to return his brothers car, so he decided to take it to ‘Gnangara Pines’ and burn it to get rid of the evidence. Seems the tradition of destroying what other people work so hard for still goes on in the world.

HQ Front

Above pic is simular to the HQ V8 we took for a joy ride.

When people think nothing of taking someone’s reputation and burning it to a crisp.

Don’t be surprised when you begin to add value to your world by upskilling yourself and being a person of character, they will come after your reputation and fire bomb it.

There is something uniquely peculiar about egalitarianism in Australia or another word for crab-ology, when we are surprised by others pulling us down when we achieve something. 

Crab-ology or Egalitarianism are the forces that work behind the scenes. They create greyness without distinction in a world full of colour if you dare. I’m often shocked at how selfish we can be as human beings by not delighting or celebrating the successes of others. It seems the crabs are happy to be stuck in the crate of their captor and don’t hesitate to pull a fellow crab back into the crate if it dares an attempt to escape its fate.

When I saw the burnt out wreckage along the bush track, I stopped and admired the rust, the aging, it looked like art. I couldn’t help but feel that this car is not forgotten, it’s talked about, written about, even photos taken. It adds to the landscape of the Aussie way and I’m sure forty years from now more cars will be burnt as a testament to our disregard for other people’s valuables.

You may have felt that your reputation was stolen from you, you may feel the isolation of others pulling you down or working to eradicate you.


Having gone through many experiences of character assassinations in my life, I figured this out. No matter what they say, no matter what they do, I’ll find a way to live rent free in their heads. I’ll become art right in the middle of their tracks by living life to the fullest.

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