Rubbish tip to beauty – Smart cities must reclaim urban sanctity (5)

My childhood rubbish tip turned into a bird sanctuary with parks and gardens.

I can’t help but believe there’s far greater ways to create urban cities that capture the holistic advantages of nature.

A concrete jungle geared purely towards commerce costs far more than being nature minded as we inhabit.

Suburbs have distanced many from nature’s healing powers, isolating many by the paper thin fences that guard our land. The suburbs struggle to embrace nature from backyard to backyard. The suburbs become modern ghettos of the mind. Most desire sanctity but feel trapped by the treadmill of work and rarely escaping to breathe in life as creation intended.

Smart cities reclaim rivers, beaches, trees, parks and the sky is the limit. Reclaiming our city centres where we work, we also play. Reclaiming time and limiting the commute. Turning back the clock and appreciating the connectivity of a timeless village.

Through technology, smart urban design and holistic leadership there is room for commerce and nature.

Reinvigorate what we already have, populate and nurture. Why can’t we have our cake and eat it.

Pictures taken along Perth’s Swan River on the morning of the Avon Descent.

If we can turn my childhood rubbish tip into paradise for my grandchildren, we can revolutionise our cities through smart economic reforms that gives cities back their soul.

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