A Corporate Hippie should be in every board room

There must be a level of commercial viability that allows for wholesome social impact. 


There is nothing more hilarious than seeing the corporate bell-ringer believing that they control the market. Equally there’s nothing more disturbing seeing the socially conscious person or bureaucrat thinking that money comes from thin air.

It’s not rocket science – Living within our means and creating a means to live within is what it’s all about. 

The ancients called it Stewardship: We possess nothing, we are mere custodians of all that life puts into our hands. We are at best on leasehold for not more than a hundred years and all that is in our hands gets passed on to another custodian.

The Corporate Hippie is that person in an organisation that keeps the balance of power pure and challenges motive. They have the ability to challenge greed at its height, they also have the ability to challenge those that are just looking for a handout.

The Corporate Hippie understands competition and community as a whole, they don’t separate the two. This is the person that agitates those that can help themselves and looks for a way to support and lift those out of their drudgery that can’t help themselves.

The Corporate Hippie is the one that breaks all the outdated rules that serve little to no one. They also lighten the air with their larger than life attitude and pragmatic ways.

The Corporate Hippie understands the fundamentals of nature ‘You reap what you sow’, so what you sow and when you sow matters. They also understand that if you eat all your seed and not set aside seed for next season, you starve.

Best of all, the Corporate Hippie understands that seed has an exponential potential for growth if it is planted, nurtured and reaped correctly. They always balance current need with future survival, they know when to go without and when to indulge.

Both Corporates and Not for profit/ bureaucrats, rather than dismiss these off the planet individuals; would reap great market growth and good mental health if they are allowed to sit in the board room along side them.  




3 thoughts on “A Corporate Hippie should be in every board room

  1. This is a good message. Seeking the middle way (not to be confused with middle of the road politics) in a world of fluctuating extremes is often the hardest path to find and the most difficult one to follow.


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