A life without a CV? (7)

The moment we start writing our CV, we begin to define ourselves. I assure you that you are better than your CV, no matter how exaggerated it is. 

Often a CV will try to identify qualifications, experience and character by its author, unfortunately the reader will read it completely different.

Slaves employ slaves

The CV tells the world we have a need, we are on the market and we are willing to exchange our talent for labour. Those seeking to fill a prescribed position in a company will try to match qualifications, experience and character with the role, instantly placing the CV holder in a pigeon-hole. 

We need to remember that a person that lives in a pigeon-hole themselves (the HR manager or our immediate supervisor) isn’t going to allow us to live in freedom if their life is conformed.

  1. If the CV is very honest and the qualifications are there, it may come across as over-confident. The likelihood of being overlooked is possible, because inferior slaves don’t want to employ those with a strong sense of self.
  2. If the CV is understated out of desperation for a job, the likelihood is you may land the job that will drive you insane in no time.

What’s the alternative?

Look for industry leaders that can create a role for you – These leaders see beauty and potential where others may see you as just a human resource

Never put your livelihood into the hands of a person that can’t see past your CV. There are so many unique individuals (leaders) in the world that don’t know that it’s you they are looking for. These leaders see beyond your current credentials. These leaders can’t help but make their decisions based on intuition and gut.

  1. If we can step outside the box a little, we will find these leaders, decision makers that live outside the box too.
  2. These leaders have a desire to grow and they need others to grow with them.

You attract what you truly believe about yourself and if you’re just looking for a job, I’m sure there’s one waiting. If however you are looking for an adventure and be rewarded for it, there is a world of opportunity waiting for you.

At 57 years of age as of 2020, I’ve been fortunate enough to stumble into amazing opportunities without a CV. This blog thought is written to challenge the way you think about yourself.

Just remember, you are better than your CV no matter how exaggerated it is.

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