As our world increases outwardly, don’t let it shrink you inwardly

They tell you “You’ve got talent, you can make a difference”

They enlist you, feed you, expand your mind and you’re off and running.

The sky is the limit, the opportunities are endless, until you find yourself, confined, narrow-minded and shrinking by the minute.

Where has the joy gone, the anticipation, the enthusiasm. It’s all shriveled up living for someone elses vision of what should make us joyful, expectant and enthusiastic.


There is an insidious madness that comes with expansion.

1. The more we have, the less we enjoy what you have.

2. The greater the orbit we have to influence, the less we see of transformative influence being achieved

3. The more we think we know, the less we actually come to know.

An ancient king describes it beautifully ~ “When life becomes so empty through the constant desire for more, it’s like trying to satisfy hunger by eating the wind”

On the one hand, the challenge is to grow and see our potential, on the other, there must be room to enjoy the process.

By cutting off things that don’t matter, something beautiful emerges.

Our world may appear to shrink outwardly when we make moves to change perspective, at least for a season. Especially when we have taken a leap of faith to focus on what matters most. The world surprisingly increases in the areas that give us the greatest joy, nature itself screams this wisdom.

Spring’s new life always comes after winter’s dread

Dare to ask yourself what truly matters most and the giant ghosts that haunt us will fade away as the lights begin to click on day by day..

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