Two cultures that can’t mix – Selfless and Narcissist

One seeks to build people and the enterprises become the reward

One seeks to build enterprises and people become the fuel
Oil floating on water surface in a glass

The constant tension between the end goal of building a sustainable economic platform and retaining good people is always the balance.

From the onset, it’s clear which culture does what no matter what the rhetoric sounds like. From the not for profit to multinationals, the very idea of implementing corporate social responsibility is useless if the heads of these organisations don’t believe and practice it themselves.  

Like oil and water, you can try to mix the two as hard as you can but in the end they separate to the culture rooted in their hearts.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing individuals with low self-esteem grow in self-confidence, rise to positions of authority/ influence and go on to invest in others. I’ve also had the disappointment of seeing others grow in confidence and cross over to the dark side of narcissism.

Both individuals yielding the same amount of authority producing two uniquely different cultures.

The people centred leader inspired and builds people to grow the enterprise. Giving back is the theme of their life. 

The self-centred leader burdens the people to produce, forever waving the stick of fear that the people are easily replaceable. Taking is the theme of their life. 

Both have a capacity to achieve great outward results because inspiration and fear are great motivators.

A people centred person and a narcissist grow weary of one another and each will gravitate to their own. Like oil and water, you can’t mix the two.

If you’re a people centred person working under a narcissist “GOOD LUCK”

If you’re a narcissist surrounded by people centred individual’s “I HOPE THEY CONVERT YOU”   

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