Blockchain – In the 70s it was called ‘Your word was your bond’

I love the idea of block chain technology and its ability to empower even the most vulnerable.

I’m fortunate enough to have lived in neighbourhoods back in the 70s where cars and houses were left unlocked. If you were caught stealing, the community dealt with you and you still lived to tell the story. I know, I lived to tell the story.

Trust was high and your word was expected to be kept. A deal was made on a handshake and shame filled your soul if your word was broken. We held each other accountable and a third party was not needed.

Blockchain technology is an ideal that seeks to return to these fundamental values and draws those from around the world that have nothing to hide.

There is a curse of silos and hierarchy which masquerades in the cloak of accountability, all the while few benefit and most are left in the dark.

As an advocate of transparency and rewarding those who are driven by true value in terms of monetary and service, blockchain excites me and makes me nervous.

Excites me because of the leverage it has to lift millions, if not billions of people out of the dark.

Makes me nervous because I’m all too familiar with the dark side of human nature that seeks to corrupt all that is wholesome.

To the blockchain community, you have an ally in me. I know what it feels like to have your word as your bond.

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