Outsourcing gone mad – who’s actually doing the work?

We heard outsourcing was trendy, didn’t really understand it, now it’s costing more than ever.

Rising costs that appear out of thin air is nothing more than the proverbial sheep mindset. We’ve just rewrapped lazy management and call it outsourcing. Going around in circles with the improper use of technology and ignorant to the principles of accountability.

From construction to property and financial services, there is a glut of middle persons taking a share of the deal. Like an entitles or spoiled child they often don’t deliver the product or service or what is delivered is minimal at best.

The sandwich gets fatter yet there is no substance in-between.

Everyone wants to be paid without substantiating what they provide.

Integrity or being a person of substance starts by taking our own lives and placing a true value on how we spend our time or qualify the product we promise. Outsourcing without legitimately placing a value on a product or service leads to a breakdown in trust and growth.

Grassroots management allows for clear paths of who gets paid for what. It cuts out the layers of fees for services’ that don’t exist.

Grassroots management trusts all parties but verifies all goods and services provided. Without such management, silos appear like weeds, costs rise and frustration increases.

Stop the outsourcing madness and get back to knowing what the problem is and remove bottlenecks by dealing with it head on.

From decades of management observation and looking for solutions at a grassroot level, I’ve noted the rise of outsourcing in the name of streamlining operations or getting the expert opinion. I’m of the belief this sheep mindset has contributed to waste and rising costs while the real problem still isn’t addressed.

Taking ownership is the beginning of reducing costs and mental stress

Outsourcing reminds me of parents that look to tutors to cultivate their child’s nature and blame the tutor for any negative performance rather than owning the whole parenting thing. A tutor has only a very small part in the child’s overall development.

Managers that can’t identify the leaks within their organisation and won’t be involved in the solution, would often outsource the problem. These managers become both lazy and detrimental to the ongoing wellbeing and growth of an enterprise.

Outsourcing often tries to deal with symptoms rather than fundamentally understand the cause and effect of a product and service.

Outsourcing gone mad – who’s actually doing the work?

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