I am a committee of one and so are you – BUT?

Don’t assume, just read it till the end and consider

From the day of our birth till the day we die, it’s all about us. It has to be that way, otherwise we will not go the distance.

People often confuse the idea of being a committee of one and living life by consensus? Living a life by consensus is just a sophisticated way of survival through civility while we still live in the dark and remain selfish.

In the ancient days these people were coined as hypocrites, sophisticated play actors, political masterminds.

However, the maturing person that discovers the true holistic benefits of being a committee of one will continue to grow healthy themselves as they empower those in their sphere of influence.

I often offend people by my manner and I accept that, but what they fail to see is my motive. My motive is always to bring the family together, to bring the team together, to bring the community together for the greater good.

The holy grail of aspiring a life of impartiality often feels like I have a sword in one hand guarding the vision for my life, while having a cement trowel in the other hand building something greater than me. This would seem a paradox to the shallow observer.


Nature reveals this wisdom every day everywhere around us, even in our own body.

The heart is a committee of one, the hand is a committee of one, the brain is a committee of one and so on. When the heart stops focusing on being a heart out of jealousy, wanting to be a hand, the body fails. When the hand feels insignificant, wanting to be the brain, the body fails, it’s not rocket science.

I laugh so much when people want me to act in a particular way speaking at me as a committee of one devoid of the body. These people aren’t evolved, they’re immature and are yet to discover that their unique qualities can never be realised in isolation. We are all part of the bigger picture and our uniqueness benefits the bigger picture or stifles it.

Those that see themselves as gifted and act alone just for the sake of their own existence, at some point these individuals will become malignant and are a danger to the greater good. Like a cancer growing in a body, it’s amazing how the body alerts all the other parts to rid itself of the tumour for the sake of survival.

Don’t judge a person so quickly that seems incredibly selfish, focused and opinionated living life on purpose. Look at the fruit of their lives rather than just their civil or non civil manner.

I love the movie ‘American Sniper’, the desire to use your skill to defend sheep at the cost of your own life and reputation.

I am committee of one, I make no excuses for that and I’m always looking for ways to work with others that will defend and empower the vulnerable and agitate the selfish. I do this for the wholesome future of generations to come.

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