Entrepreneur – Modern Day Gladiators who seek true freedom from the arena (10)

They show potential and the blood thirst of the economy must be fed so small business is encouraged at all costs.

Modern-Day Gladiators, practicing their skills when no one is watching, waiting for the day they get a shot in the arena.

The arena (THE MARKET PLACE) is packed to the brim, represented by every corner of the world. Watching from above are mum and dad, corporates, scouts, speculators and the governors.

Most Modern-Day Gladiators unfortunately don’t make it past the first round as they run onto the field hoping at least to make a strike. The market place isn’t designed to help the Modern-Day Gladiator to survive and allowing the path to freedom. The market place by enlarge is a place to entertain those that have already cornered and controlled the arena.

Traditionally it was an excepted number that up to 50% of small businesses fail in the first twelve months.

In the modern-day of start-ups and entrepreneurship the number reaches up to 90% fail, Why?

Simple, its more entertainment, more blood shed and the prize of true freedom becomes an alluring myth as everyone stays locked in the game.

But every now and then, a true Modern-Day Gladiator comes onto the world market and the path to freedom seems eminent, the world watches closely. Mum and  dad, corporates, scouts, speculators and the governors.

This incredible Modern-day Gladiator destroys its competitor becoming a new monopoly in a field, they also beat the aggressive takeover lions staying independent. The crowd cheers, hoping this gladiator inspires a new era of victory, defying the odds and obtaining freedom. It’s at this point the governor intervenes and regulates the fight with a new set of rules. 

The aim of the game is to keep you in and never to allow you freedom. It’s the myth of freedom that keeps the game going. If true freedom is actually achieved, more champion Modern-Day Gladiators would rise, ultimately destroying the market as it now stands. This would change the complete dynamics of the MARKET PLACE. The masses would no longer fill the arenas and wait for a true mythical hero to liberate them.

I believe a new era of Modern-Day Gladiators are on the rise. Women and men that have great ideas and even greater intentions of making the world a better place. They are fighting to keep their dreams alive. These Modern-Day Gladiators are preparing to fight outside the arena. They will challenge the crowd one by one to defy the self-serving, to challenge the governors rules that benefit the few and burden the rest.

These Modern-Day Gladiators aren’t driven by grandeur, they are led by conscience. They recognise freedom isn’t some future time or place, true freedom is found within. This type of freedom is dangerous in a market that driven by control.

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