Helping people and the smell they leave behind – Was she a witch or angel

It’s cold, raining and pitch black; my wife calls me at 5am while I’m enjoying my black coffee and says “Sorry to call, I’m with a lady in a wheal chair and she’s stuck, can you give her a lift home?”.

My wife goes for her morning walk before the sun rises and she’s startled by a one-legged lady in a wheelchair pushing herself, inch by inch in the pouring rain.

How am I to respond?

“Give me five minutes and I’ll be there” Of course that’s not what I was thinking, but hey, if my wife has compassion for a stranger, it’s the least I could do.

I arrive in the four wheal drive and see my wife soaking wet standing next to an old one-legged lady with long white hair sitting in her wheal chair. My instant thought, how the hell is she going to get in the truck, but she managed, this lady was a battler. My wife left me to take her home and she continued her morning walk in the rain.

The old one-legged lady with the long white hair and no teeth was grateful that a stranger showed some kindness. She had left a function that was not safe and thought it best to wheal herself home rather risk what may have happened at the function. Within five minutes of chatting with her I find out all about her life and the closer we get to her home I ask if she’d like McDonalds for breakfast. I thought she’d be so hungry pushing herself for hours through the night. She turns to me with a surprised smile and off to McDonalds went. She shamelessly ordered the biggest meal which made me smile because there’s something great however small to give someone the slightest hope that all life isn’t dark and all strangers aren’t evil.

I then asked about her leg and more about her life?

She tells me all about the ailments that caused the amputation of her leg and she lifted the sleeve on her arm revealing plenty of open wounds.

When we arrived at her home, the most unlikely place I thought she’d live, surrounded by other beautiful houses. I rolled her up to her door with her bags and big breakfast. She said, “I’ll take the breakfast in first” clinching to it like gold, thanking me for our kind act, telling me what a nice person my wife is. I said to her, “You have no idea how great she is, she’s tolerated me for thirty-two years, so when my wife calls me in the rain to help a stranger, I just jump”, which made her laugh.

I left her and smiled to myself in the rain, thanking God she’s home safe and back into the truck I went.

My truck had the smell and the remains of human neglect, a body falling apart, with my windows down in the rain and heaving to breathe, I still enjoyed the experience.

Coming home, my wife was glad I was safe, she was also glad that the one-legged lady in a wheelchair with long white hair and no teeth and open wounds all up her arms has something to eat and is safe to.

My wife goes on “Who will believe us? and thankyou for responding the way you did, I didn’t know what to do”

I thought how glad I am my wife didn’t just walk past her but allowed her own life to be disrupted if only for a short time to meet the needs of another.

Then again we both laughed and said “Who’s going to believe us?”

I must admit, I checked my wallet before I got home and thoughts came to my mind that the lady had the look of a Witch but the presence of an Angel.

Doing things outside our comfort zone is good for our soul, so to be completely honest, the act of kindness was a little selfish because I got as much out of the experience as anyone. It also reminds me how much of a team my wife and I are, I think the lady was an angel to highlight this through a magical experience called compassion.

Old And Young Witches - Wicca Girls - Magical Pictures

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