If you lose everything, but a kernel of your conscience remains – you’ll be fine

Today’s blog is shared in honour of those who have lost everything at the cost of good conscience, I honour you and believe your best days are in front of you.

9th Sept 2002, I received a phone call from the Australian National Executive of a world wide not profit I served in for twenty one years. I was stripped of my credentials, effective immediately.

This moment had been brooding for years, five at least.

When I joined, there was something magical about this organic organisation. I was seventeen years of age and we were the ultimate fight club when it comes to not for profits and serving others.

We had vision, enthusiasm, passion and willing to pay whatever price it took to live by a personal constitution. Integrity was everything, authenticity was everything.

With minimal rules and maximum effect we were unstoppable.

Until the b*tch of success bit us world wide and we created a constitution for the benefit of the organisation at the cost of losing the ability for individuals to self govern.

The unwritten rules that crept in were insidious, we all mocked them behind closed doors yet enforced them to keep our credentials.

It’s hard to explain to anyone the meaning and value of having a personal constitution unless you actually have one. I felt mine was being sold down the river by propaganda or want for a politer term, consensus.

Imagine being integral to your core beliefs and willing to accommodate for the greater good but only the elite were the beneficiaries of your accomodation.

Prior to my being fired, I travelled world wide encouraging those within the fellowship to stay true to their core while we find better ways to collaborate without compromising conscience.

Unfortunately I wasn’t suited to be a political player, I found it hard to pick a side only because I thought we were all on the same side. Finally I triggered events to reveal how unconscionable we had become as a society and I allowed the fellowship the pleasure of shredding my reputation, alienating my family and wiping my twenty one years of service from their books.

At thirty eight years of age I walked away with not a cent to my name, no credentials, a reputation that was marred by self serving locusts and I was left mentally, emotionally and physically in despair.

With a wife and three children to take care of and no credentials to support them other than what was left of my personal constitution, we survived. Truth be known, if all we have is that, we have more than enough.

I especially want to honour my mother and wife, both of which are queens of virtue when it comes to living by a personal constitution. They have helped me immensely to find my own soul again in my darkest hours.

The day I got fired was the day a new storm started brewing. I made a commitment to myself by God’s Grace, to help the next generation learn the art of self governing and stay clear of the consensus propaganda, regardless of how appealing it sounds.

Back yourself, you are better than you think you are and don’t concede so easily, they aren’t as great as they make out to be.

run for a friend ; (be there for someone during their darkest hour, you’ll find others will be there for your hour of darkness to)

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