“If I dropped you in the jungle, you would emerge as an elder or chief” a scary promise I give to those I mentor

IMG_0550If I see an emerging leader among the young people I mentor, I’ll challenge them with the following scary statement..

“By the time I’m finished working with you, I should be able to drop you into the middle of a village in a jungle and if I visited you a couple of years later, you’ll either be an elder or the chief.”

There is two reasons I share such crazy statements

  1. I love the look of disbelief they give at first and then the look of curiosity.
  2. By making such a statement, I’m letting them know my level of commitment to them to bring out the champion.

The world is overloaded with courses and training on success and career development. Very few can deliver effective outcomes due to a lack of coaching and especially a lack in the ancient art of mentoring.

Being an effective person is an art in itself, simply being knowledgeable or having certificates plastered all over a wall still doesn’t guarantee effectiveness.

I have a real tendency to get bored quite easily on tasks alone but I thrive on challenges as I believe most people do. I’ve been fortunate to experience incredible training in my youth. I almost always end up in some leadership role wherever I plant myself. I tend to see things differently and action things differently that bring effective results. I can’t take all the credit because these things were imparted to me by individuals that have influenced my way of life.

Courses can’t speak into your life in a way that an effective mentor/leader can.

A mentor/leader has the ability to simplify things to such a great degree that all learning becomes infectious, it’s doable and results are evident, growing is inevitable. The right mentor/leader creates an appetite for learning.

When I hear ridiculous comments about young people not being motivated or that they are lazy or get bored too quickly, I ask, what is the environment and context of such sayings?

If five minutes is taken out to see through all the superficial profiling, they may see what’s truly going in a young persons life and the reasons they don’t seem motivated or they appear to be bored will be completely different from first assumptions.

Taking courses without marrying them to the right mentor/leader is often a waste of time because knowledge gets misdirected. People learn to occupy time, busy becomes the buzz word rather than simplicity and effectiveness.

Mentor/leaders have the best role on earth, they have the capacity to start a fire in the heart of a young person as they teach them how to self develop, hunt and grow throughout life for themselves . Mentor/leaders impart a confidence and the necessary skills that if they were to be dropped in the middle of a village in a Jungle, they’d emerge an elder or chief before to long.

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