They call him Boxer – 80 yrs old and still gives the young ones a run for their money on construction sites (11)

Boxer walks around a construction site with a sense of urgency and purpose, like name like character.

Boxer is one of those rare people that reminds me of the marble in a paint can, when the can is shaken the paint mixes well because of the marble.

Guys like Boxer bring order to urgency as he challenges men sixty years younger than him to work ethically and not cut corners.

I’ve heard the following story a million times and it still makes me laugh revealing Boxer’s training technic.

Boxer led a team of brick layers up in the north-west of Australia approx forty years ago. It was difficult to find tradies with the ethics to deliver quality workmanship but that didn’t deter Boxer.

Boxer’s instructions were clear, “When you brick up the wall make sure you clear the cavity” short and simple. Boxer would then go and do his work and come back at the end of the day and check the work. God help you if you cut corners with Boxer as your foreman.

When Boxer checked the brick work and could see that the lazy, selfish arrogant brick layers didn’t follow the scope they were given, Boxer simply pushed down the wall and made them do it again.

~ We all start laughing as Boxer gets all feisty going back in time.

Forty years later when he repeats that story you can see a glint in his eye how he loves delivering quality when his name is stamped on the work.

If you were ever fortunate enough to be trained by Boxer and you caught his spirit, I guarantee you would never be out of work.

Boxer walks the walk and talks the talk – Attitude is everything.

Pic taken on a Hanssen construction site with Boxer and Chris who is equally passionate about training the next generation.

Mr Hanssen, MD of Hanssen Construction has been fortunate to have men like Boxer work with him in the building industry for forty over years.

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