Our community’s fabric is destroyed when Goodwill is chopped down and uprooted and replaced with codes, laws and bylaws (12)

Choosing to be ignorant of how goodwill works in community is not an excuse.

Corporate and civil social responsibility is everyone’s business. You don’t palm this off to some make-believe GOODWILL department or PR department. It’s everyone’s role to create good-will.

Am I my brother’s keeper? is the very first story in Judo/Christian teachings of foul play in the home. When a brother is killed and buried out of jealousy. Cain is questioned by God of the whereabouts of his brother, Cain replied “Am I my brothers keeper?”

It’s not my fault – This is someone else’s issue

A separation from moral duty created the very spirit of antisocial behaviour and the introduction of overbearing laws, authorities and enforcement.

The further we get from our personal moral duty to do the right thing, the greater dependency we develop on third parties to create community and civil service for us.

The problem with third parties is that they rely on contract law to deliver good-will rather than moral conscience.

The quickest way to destroy any goodwill in a home, business or social group is to make arbitrary decisions and enforce them.

Goodwill is the thread of authentic human connectivity that cannot be tampered with. Once goodwill is destroyed, no amount money, laws, authorities and enforcement can bring it back.

Goodwill must be sown and nurtured again, taking time to rebuild.

Don’t underestimate the work involved in creating goodwill. People will always vote with their feet.

It’s time to take back what belongs to us, our ability to forgive, love, nurture, serve and encourage authenticity or the alternative is, strangers will enforce order at the cost of true community and human dignity.

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