2050- Perth is to sustain 3,500,000 people – It’s already gridlocked at 2,000,000 people

Rarely do I drive in peak hour traffic morning or evening but when I do, I’m reminded of the daily stress people endure commuting to earn a dollar.

The commute migration around cities dramatically slows down the smarter we design our cities, education systems and the work space. More importantly when we figure out our own personal priorities, it helps us to live life by design rather than by the rods of taskmasters.

Living by design

While many feel the threat of technology, some are taking advantage of it. Living, working and educating themselves in a timeless village setting and maximizing their most treasured asset, ‘TIME’.

Imagine Perth in 2050

Can we sustain another 1,500,000 people living, working and playing in and around the greater Perth CBD?


We can have schools, universities, grocery stores, agriculture, health, faith and community centres built into the stratosphere. Many already work and live in the stratosphere so why not integrate the rest into it.

We can build healthier smart cities into the stratosphere if we go back to a community mindset. By reinventing and designing our own lives we will create new codes, regulations and possibilities.

These are the most exciting times to live in. I look to our children and grandchildren to tell us what their future looks like, as we slowly dismantle an industrial era mindset. We must do this to make way for a new and more enlightened technological era with a social conscience.

The absolute key to building Smart City Perth will come from those who are already talking the talk and walking the walk.

Architects, developers, builders, engineers, horticulturists, artists, retailers, lawyers, politicians, teachers, foodies etc…. who already live their own lives by design are the future of our cities. These are the people who see past the obstacles, they see the solutions and can deliver the possibilities.

Our cities must be designed beyond political cycles and beyond the self-serving. I have very little confidence giving over our future to people who don’t embrace smart living themselves.

Nurturing and empowering leaders that live their own life by design can only take the next generation into an era of holistic smart cities where people are working to live rather than existing to work.

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