I wish I could say to the younger version of me “Don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s not that bad”

You could ask two people about a place and moment in time and you’d have two completely different stories.

Perspective is everything

The timeless peace that a fireplace gives, nothing like the crackle and light smoke of a fire on a cold sunny day.

When I’m personally going through a season of challenge, the past looks very appealing. I seem to forget the reason I’m here is because there’s aspects of the past I detested.

The ability to carve out a life that’s more fulfilling always comes at a price.

Each decade I pass, my perspective changes dramatically.

What I worried about in my twenties and thirties never really came to pass. With my current perspective on life I get a little saddened for the younger version of me and how hard I was on myself.

By worrying all the time in my younger years and always looking for the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or for want of a better term ‘happiness‘ I missed out on so many small moments of meaning.

Now in my early fifties everything changes as I contemplate and laugh about a recent conversation I had with a friend. I said to him, “In the last year I’ve had a tooth pulled out, my lens proscription changed yet again and I have a ten centimetre scar in my back getting a mole cut out” we both laughed.

That’s perspective

To the young, don’t grow old before your time.

To those getting older, stay young at heart which will slow down the gravitational pull on your body and please squeeze every last bit out of your life by enjoying the small things today.

Today I’ve organised for a ninety three your old business man to talk to a dozen younger people in their twenties and thirties about having perspective. Should be an interesting meeting.

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