There’s no security in the world, only opportunity (15)

A couple of weeks ago I woke up early and felt that I needed to honour one of Perth’s elders.

Only room for twelve – Keep it small and intimate

I sent a text to about fifteen young leaders and invited them to hear ninety three year old John Stefanelli Senior share about his life and then open it up for questions.

I asked them also to invest in themselves and donate $50 to the Swan Chamber of Commerce out of respect for guys like John, one of the pioneers of the Chamber.

Within a couple of hours of my text the seats were taken and I was humbled by their openness to connect with an elder.

The youngest being twenty nine, sixty four years difference.

John at ninety three years of age drives himself down to the Swan Chamber of Commerce and is ten minutes early, punctuality is a signature of business men like John.

John’s simple message was incredibly deep because he lived his message and his words reached the hearts of those in the room.

John is the ultimate entrepreneur, pioneering multiple businesses by empowering multiple people.

When it was time to ask questions as John opened up the table at the conclusion of his talk, these leaders asked about stress “How did you deal with stress?

John peacefully looks around the room and repeatedly reminds each person in the room, “Don’t rush, you’ve got tomorrow and make sure to look after your health”

A question was asked “Did you have a strategy or business plan?” and quick witted John responds “Yes, you must have a master plan for your life and that plan changes everyday” then John looks around to see if we picked up on his witty lesson.

There were so many nuggets of truth in one brief hour, challenging the leaders to take stock of their lives and to pace themselves for the long haul.

There is no room for worry in people like John, they see far too many opportunities to waste time being anxious.

According to John – There is no security in the world only opportunity

We only had room for twelve and seventeen of us rocked up at the Swan Chamber Board Room.

Honour elders that walk the walk and talk the talk, not just because they’re older but because they have given back to the world a portion of the blessings they’ve received in life.

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