Generosity is not an amount, it’s a commitment beyond us

Don’t be tempted by the gifts of the wealthy, ordinary people united can make a difference by their gifts that come in the humble form of seed offerings.

We’ll often hear about those that have given large amounts of money towards great causes, which is noble for sure.

We don’t often connect the commitment of modest and ordinary people that give beyond themselves as the true heroes of society in the area of sustainability.

Jesus tells a remarkable timeless story of a person that gave beyond themselves, a widow.

Jesus is a bit shameless in the way he represents the story, kind of quirky. He positions himself at the temple treasury where people would give according to their own ability. He noted big deposits of money from wealthy people and then he noted a poor widow giving her last two coins. He tells his followers that the rich didn’t give beyond themselves, they gave a fraction of their worth however the widow gave all that she had.

Creating community and goodwill must be done by the contribution of all, not just the handful.

One of the greatest lessons to pass on to the next generation is the art of giving, being liberal at a grassroots level.

Teaching the next generation to be liberal with their possessions, their words and the time they give for another’s well being. This becomes the foundation for a life of charity and healthy communities.

What stands out about the poor widow is how she has a character that always looks to help others while her own apparent position seems destitute in comparison to those around her.

She was poor, she was a widow, she was in an environment where charity would be given out, but rather than be a recipient of the charity she was still a giver of it.

Jesus honours this women for for her 100% commitment to community giving for the greater good.

Our neighbourhoods are peppered with unique people like this woman, they have a heart of charity that makes all the difference. Honour them as Jesus did this woman.

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