Motivation is an inside job, so don’t throw pearls to pigs

“I don’t motivate people, I am motivated”

Painting was completed by a young man, Mark Bruning who works within the construction industry. The painting was a mascot for a non existent club we created called ‘Motivation Club’. Mark an aspiring artist was stirred or motivated to hone the gift he already had towards a purpose. What an amazing season we all had developing a club that never existed.

I was having a conversation with a potential client and I asked them what they thought I did.

Their response was “You’re some sort of a motivational speaker”

Sometimes we have a hard time separating what people do with who they are. I’ll often say to those I mentor “I don’t motivate people, I am motivated“. This takes away any pressure on my part to try and motivate other people if they haven’t got it in them.

If a person hasn’t got an appetite to learn, it’s a waste giving them anything of value, they’ll simply dismiss every word we say.

To put it a little more harshly, Jesus cuts rights to the point when he’s speaking to his students about mission ~ “Don’t give things that are holy to dogs or throw pearls to swine, lest they trample all over them and then they turn on you”

I Unfortunately learned this lesson very late in life, forever letting people dismiss my service and goodwill and taking what I had to offer for granted.

These days I preserve my good intentions and look for students with a little appetite to learn. By doing this, my motivation stays high as it’s not wasted by those I serve.

On the flip side, those I serve discover their motivation as they develop skills that propel them into their purpose.

Motivation is an inside job and my duty is not to motivate others, it’s simply to stir the curiosity they already have so the student learns to self govern and become independent.

Some teachers take too much credit in the success of their students and some students don’t acknowledge how much ability they have inside themselves, if they would simply work at their chosen art.

Motivation isn’t magic, it’s a willingness to try new things and the discipline to preserve value.

Pic of the non existent meetings we had at a Motivation Club that never existed.

Inspiring a new generation of leaders to learn the art of self governing.

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