When we lose touch of the masses, we become desensitised and make foolish decisions (16)

It’s a natural tendency to lose touch of the working class person or the battler the busier we get and the more reliant we become on advisors.

The crowd starts to fade and the information we receive becomes generic.

Generic information is how we become complacent and lose the confidence of the masses.

The temptation to stop investigating to get down to the real issues gets harder the higher we rise in power. Truth no longer becomes the authority because it’s substituted with positional authority. New rules are made and justified with limited facts as they get enforced under the radar.

Positional authority figures tend to make blanket statements, quoting statistics and other grey information which infuriates those who live by a constitution of common sense.

A wise leader takes in all the information they can get from well intended advisors and yet they’d be foolish to lean solely on them.

A wise leader takes time out to be informed from every angle and it would do them well to mingle among the working class and the battler to keep them grounded. These types of leaders become true trail blazers of influence rather than enforcers of manipulation.

The wisdom gained from staying on the ground becomes the anchor that keeps this type of leader not only relevant, it’s the type of leader the world is crying out for.

We cannot substitute trust with positional authority.

What I love about the working class person or the battler, they have no room for b*llsh*t.

Some of my greatest ally’s when I managed shopping centres were the cleaners, they knew more than I did about the real issues I had to deal with. I would’ve been foolish to dismiss them in any way.

To any upcoming leader, don’t get ahead of yourself, stay on the ground in your rise to power or you may lose the very thing you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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