My faith in God increases as religion, government and greedy corporations fail

Pic taken in Karatha while on a trail walk, marvelling at creation and our beautiful red earth up in this part of the world.

Religion, Government and Corporations have taken the high ground for generations, lifting their version of enlightenment to the world.

Where does God fit in when we humans believe we have no room for faith the smarter we get. We begin to associate God with organised religion or wacky outliers that can’t fight themselves out of a wet paper bag.

Government has been clever to lift the banner of free speech as they alienate and muzzle those that hold the virtues of faith above all other attributes. Government implies that we are free to believe what we wish as long as that belief is in line with policy. Citizens forget how much they’ve given up through the security propaganda machine only to feel insecure.

Corporations have dangled the corporate carrot to anyone willing to risk body, mind and soul for the golden calf of freedom regardless of who’s exploited. While the collateral damage is significant, we become blinded by the abundance as we bow to the almighty dollar.

Yes, my faith in God increases as religion, government and greedy corporations fail. Their failures have been my refuge, causing me to focus my attention back on the timeless truths.

We are custodians of this world, caretakers and not proprietors. As a caretaker, I need to leave this world in a state ready for the new custodians to make the best of it.

My faith in God increases as I look at a stranger and regard them as my brother, sister, mother, father, son or daughter rather than an alien.

Next time you look at religion, government or greedy corporations, ask yourself how different are we to them if we act just like them.

As a fellow custodian we can dramatically increase our own well-being by loving our neighbour as our selves.

Help someone without looking for a reward, help them because you are so fortunate that you can.

Pic taken out of pure love for the texture of these rocks and my admiration for the plant that has grounded itself in the harshest conditions. It’s times like these I feel wisdom screaming at me from the four corners of the universe.

I believe in God and I am better for it, as some strangers will be throughout my life.

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