We tend to forget how far we’ve come – That’s why I love journalising

I keep my journals to remind myself when I’m walking new paths. The truth is, things weren’t always as rosy in the past which motivated me to keep chasing my dreams.

They also remind me of landmark moments when I won personal victories and dealt with challenging circumstances.

This morning I flicked back four years ago to 2014 and read through about ten pages, back to a very dark place. By the end of those pages I had such an appreciation for the mental struggle I went through. Those pages revealed my vulnerabilities and motives for doing what I do. I failed miserably, got up and then failed again till I learned a lesson.

I don’t like doing business with people that don’t know how to fail well, they become dangerous because they won’t know how to handle success when it knocks on their door.

I woke up this morning with the same sense of purpose I did back then and fortunately I’m not in a dark place like I was then but rather I’m reaping the rewards of my decisions to stay true.

To any up and coming leader, I encourage you to journalise. It will help you to build on what you currently know or think you know. It will help encourage you when you see how much you’ve progressed in life.

Most importantly, it will help you not to take yourself so seriously, there’s always tomorrow to get that victory you are seeking.

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