Smart doctor taking a torch to his local golf course at 5am (19)

On my morning walk during a quick trip up in Karatha, Red Dog territory, I noticed a man with one golf club and a touch at 5am.

I trapped him into a quick conversation, it’s not everyday you see someone playing golf in the dark.

He’s a local doctor who shared his story.

He’s past the age of retirement yet he had the energy of someone in his prime. It wasn’t so many years ago he was 25 kg plus overweight and he decided to live a smarter life.

As a result of making that mental shift because he was not happy with the cards life dealt him, he realigned his thinking which effected many other areas of his life. I caught it in action at Karatha golf course at 5am in the morning.

He had a glint in his eye of someone that was glad to pay the price to change for the better.

What an inspiring story in an amazing setting overlooking the ocean on a golf course raised from red earth, north west of Western Australia.

So many people are opting to live smarter lives using their current settings to reinvent themselves.

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