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More high-rise mixed use Apartments in the heart of the city with a 5 star hotel culture.

A city centre should be the epicentre of living, working, eating and playing. Let’s rid our city of traffic jams and unwholesome living.

A city centre that ought to attract world class head offices, entrepreneurs, visionaries and the most curious tourist.

There is a renewal happening at a grassroots level as the transition takes place from the natural resources boom to the human potential revival.

Human potential is that enduring quality in us that not only survives hardship but thrives as a result of rebirthing.

Over the last few years, the economic bleakness and uncertainty of Western Australia has awakened many of the next generation to explore options not even in existence a few short years ago.

Through technology and effective living we have the potential to revolutionise our city as a global hot spot for business with emerging economies right at our doorstep.

Most importantly we can create a city heart that attracts thousands of students, skilled migrants and world class start ups.

We can create a city heart that draws the most inquisitive tourists from the four corners of the world to stay longer, spend more and dread the idea of going home. They will explore nature’s treasures of our south west and our remote north as they were from the dawn of time, sharing their experiences with the rest of the world of destinations not to be missed.

We need to keep building more high-rise mixed use apartments and retrofit Commercial buildings for mixed use to bring life, colour and culture where it belongs, the heart of the city.

Perth, is the gateway to Australia and we must continue to build a city that reflects such a noble location.

A smart city tip – Did you know that India will have 50,000,000 outbound tourists by 2020. We must capture this market by creating direct flight from Perth to Chennai as gateway cities to these two great nations.

Perth has every reason to be optimistic if we collaborate to make technology, tourism, training and trade our priorities.