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More cray cray visionaries like Gerry Hanssen

His weekend hobby looks a little like Stonehenge and it may be the perfect venue for Smart City Perth 2020 Perfect Vision Symposium. Gerry standing in the centre of his future thousand seat auditorium.

Nestled in the heart of the Swan Valley, one of Perth premier tourism regions, Gerry Hanssen has set out to build a state of the art SMART one thousand seat auditorium, one hundred plus room five star resort. With all the trappings that come with a five a star experience, this resort is a piece of revolutionary art. It’s shaped like a cruise ship with its infinity pool and restaurants overlooking the Perth foothills.

Walking around the resort with Gerry, he explains how he has been building this multi million dollar project on a shoestring budget reusing what most builders discard as rubbish.

Gerry would go on to say “There is so much waste in the building industry and I aim to reuse what others see as rubbish, they just lack imagination”

Gerry proudly describes every corner of the project with incredible foresight and detail. In his seventies, he puts in fifty plus years of imagination and craftsmanship of his building trade into this hobby as he calls it.

He points to a curved wall and enthusiastically shares how the guys that built that wall have never laid bricks before. Gerry has even chosen to work with and train rehabilitating drug addicts and they will end up building a significant part of this sustainable resort.

Gerry shares with a smile “Some texture paint that I picked up at an auction will cover any small mistake these guys have made and the colour is just perfect for that wall.”

What’s important to Gerry is that these guys (x drug addicts) who have also been discarded by bad choices have a second chance to rebuild their own confidence by investing in them. Gerry sees the potential in people and invests in them that many would just pass over.

From concept to reality

Be it grey water or smart power, the ultimate aim is to facilitate a centre that can cater for up to 3000 people with all its restaurants, retail areas, function rooms and accommodation.

Gerry takes it in his stride to build this dream OASIS as he calls it on the doorstep of Perth city.

Smart City Perth see this as a perfect setting to host Smart City Perth 2020 Perfect Vision Symposium.

Gerry is keen to support Smart City Perth and any other cray cray idea that makes a difference to the world around us.

More cray cray visionaries like Gerry Hanssen please.

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