Building tomorrows cities with social justice (love) at its core (21)

Love is a word least likely to appear in a building contract or a developers feasibility, yet love guarantees sustainability.

Having spent the past forty years of my career in family business, the not for profit and the property sector, I’m convinced ‘Love is what keeps us together’

Love, compassion, mercy and justice are the fabric of the human experience world wide. The more we try to legislate these terms, we ruin the very meaning of them.

Family business that forgets love becomes the most bitter and poisonous of all human relationships. Blood is thicker than water but a loveless family endeavour is a major core to civil unrest. If we can disregard blood for the sake of greed and self preservation what hope is there for the greater society.

When we take love out of social service and merely follow an action plan, a policy or a text, everything becomes open to interpretation. Organisations don’t become corrupt because of an overwhelming expression of selfless love, they become corrupt when they neglect the fibre of the human spirit which yields to the golden rule rather than the written law.

When love and good will lose their meaning through clever auditors as they look to define the value of good will, consider that business on its death spiral and watch the magic of that business dissolve. Business endeavours that last are often birthed through love, inspiration and good intentions with trust as its foundation. The moment trust is blurred so is that business.

Tomorrow’s cities must recapture social justice (love) to be at its core otherwise we will build cities that inhabit humans filled with heavy baggage… depression, poverty, aggression, distrust, homelessness, violence, segregation etc..

‘Love is what keeps us together’

‘Love is what makes us liberal’

‘Love is what holds people to account’

Without love, society begins to erode and no amount of smart technology can reverse this.

Smart people recapture the meaning of love, they give it away every day of their lives never losing one ounce of love for themselves.

‘Love will keep us together’

Captain & Tennille couldn’t have sung it better

When was the last time you considered love as the main motive to build world class cities?

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