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The softer side to hard data

The dark side of great data and number crunching erodes basic intuition and the survival skills of the masses.

The talk of job losses resulting from technology is not new nor should it be surprising to anyone that still thinks for themselves.

For us baby boomers, we can recall back in the 70s in Perth, Western Australia the whole self serve petrol stations concept when it started rolling out. The talk of job losses and how could we expect ordinary people to handle petrol and yet in other parts of the world the self serve petrol stations were already in place in the late forties.

When we try to hold on too hard to anything, we miss the opportunity to adapt and embrace so much more.

Having said that, I believe there is a dark side when our lives are nothing more than analytics. Numbers and hard data may to some degree tell us about our past behaviour and current behaviour but it takes insight and wisdom utilise aspects of the data to bring change and new direction to a person or enterprise.

There is no nurturing back to life when technology is fully depended upon.

Let’s take the self serve petrol stations as an example and those of us that remember that feeling of being served and not rushing life. There was something pleasant about someone coming to your car window and asking how much petrol you wanted. While they filled your tank they would clean your windscreen and check your tyres. It seems the only ones that have benefited from the whole self serve industry was the petrol cartels and there bottom dollar, we the customer didn’t benefit, petrol prices have gone up 800% since the good old days.

Next time you think your tech savvy, just remember the big data may be slowly taking away the very essence of what it is to be human.

Smart people take only a extracts out of hard analytics, vital information and use wisdom to transform vital data into opportunities. Smart people also cast out the majority of analytics and numbers that the herd have come to rely on.

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