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Making a difference by having an outta body experience

Who doesn’t want to leave their mark on the world?

From a backyard dream to influencing the masses, there is something in the human DNA that wants to impress upon their fellow human being, I’m somebody, my opinion matters.

The unfortunate natural pecking order of life

The toddler has already worked this out, understanding that life feels like a bit of a pecking order and through the art of manipulation the toddler can move up in the world.

It’s a crying shame that a significant amount of adults haven’t broken free from the toddler mindset, why would we when it allows us to have our own way. Through bullying, winging, crying, giving dirty looks, sulking, lying, throwing tantrums and playing emotional games, the adult gets everything the toddler gets and more.

The alternative is the amazing unnatural and unseen order of life we can all tap into called dying to self, allowing this outta body experience to take place

Every now and again we come across an adult that has an outta body experience and they seem to turn the world upside down. Their opinions hit you like a sledge hammer, every word they say is measured and you feel compelled to reflect on their words rather than resist them.

These individuals are hard to explain, nothing extraordinary about their appearance physically however their countenance does have an unexplained aura about them.

I’ve not met many of these people in my life but when you’re in their presence you know it. There are also some and I count myself one of them where we have moments where everything we touch turns to gold, everything we say comes to pass and like a wave hitting the beach, we’ve made impact in that moment.

By enlarge, I’d say there are plenty of people that walk in and out of significance and in my observation it’s when we die to self, some are just better at it than others.

Dying to self is the most adult thing we can do when it matters most but behaving like a toddler is only natural. If you don’t believe me, watch Parliament or sit around a board room table, it’s hilarious watching educated adults act like toddlers in a shameless behavior. They manipulatively put in on thick likened to a child on the supermarket floor embarrassing its mother to have its own way.

Dying to self creates the outta body experience where wisdom stores its treasures

Those that make it a habit of dying to self no longer validate themselves or seek the approval of the pecking order regime. These people of significance are the peace makers, world changers, restorers of social justice and they influence the powers that be through their weighted words….

I said ‘they influence the powers that be through their weighted words’

Next time there is an opportunity to make a difference, don’t be so hesitant to win the argument, die to self and win the person.