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My passion for life comes from the three F’s

One of the greatest joys one can experience is the realisation of a dream. 

Why I believe Smart City Perth will work, comes from the three F’s aligned in my life and other collaborators seeking to create a greater world for generations to come.

Family – Faith – Friends


I’ve inherited a legacy of unconditional love from my mother, father, brother and sister and we celebrate 50 years as a Greek/Macedonian migrant family to this beautiful nation, Australia, 18th April 1968. Perth being our home town. 

I married a young Australian lady who captured my attention in a local church. We’ve spent the last thirty three years growing together. We’ve raised a beautiful family and celebrate life knowing our children and our grandchildren have every reason to succeed as we pass on our unconditional love to them.


Anyone who comes to know me will quickly pick up that I’m a person of faith. My faith is deeply personal and a driving force that I’ve developed since my teenage years.

My faith has created lots of conflict and opportunity, but as I’ve aged, my ability to harness and direct my beliefs for the greater good is evident. I proudly let people know that I am not affiliated with any organisation and have no other agenda but to reflect love, hope and charity wherever I walk.


If my family is fine and my conscience is clean, the sky is the limit to my energy.

I am my brothers keeper and I consider it a privilege to help someone in need if I have the capacity. If I don’t have the capacity to meet a need, I’m forever marrying people and opportunities to meet needs.

Who is my friend? 

Anyone within my sphere of influence.