Not quite a cathedral but you have to have vision (23)

It was a privilege to connect my old Pastor friend of 38 years with my my first boss, my cousin from my teenage years, to reignite life to this old reception centre in the city of Swan.

This building on the corner of Great Northern Highway and Toodyay Road, Middle Swan was full of life in its heyday.

Imagine over 800 people congregating between this building and the restaurant next door close to forty years ago.

My uncle and cousin had an ability to live by the mantra of that old Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams with that famous quote ~ ‘Build it and they will come’

Unfortunately this building hasn’t seen life like they did in the eighties.

It was thrilling to visit New Destiny Christian Centre as they had their first service on the 1st December 2018 and seeing new families congregate in the tired old building.

The Pastor, Steve Cowan who is a gifted tradesman and people’s person shared a vision of the future of the building and creating a new community centre.

The atmosphere on the Sunday morning was raw and filled with life.

The church is setting out to be relevant and have joined the Swan Chamber of Commerce wanting to add value to the business community with their innovative ideas.

In 2019 they have great plans to refurbish the building and give it a new lease of life. More importantly, they are keen to provide all sorts of services to the community of Swan.

Let’s keep an eye on Destiny Christian Centre and see their story unfold and hopefully we’ll see hundreds benefit from their existence in the area.

The building is not quite a cathedral, but you have to have vision that sees the positive effect they will have in the community.

I’m sure my late uncle who built the building would be amused that the reception centre would end up being a church but a smart outlook would go with the flow. My cousin is thrilled to see the building being used as a community centre within the city of Swan, seeing the need in the area.

‘Build it and they will come’

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  1. Hopefully it will bring hope and new life to many in he local area

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