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Wise people seek the divine among us

I’d hate the thought of three strange rich men visiting my poorest of conditions and revealing to me my new born child’s complete destiny till the day of his death, what parent would want to know that?

The most unusual story of three wise men from the east following a star to bare gifts to a baby called Emanuel, meaning ‘God with us’

In a world filled with grief and uncertainty, these men felt compelled to search out and help resource humanities love, hope and redemption.

When these wise men found the baby called Emanuel in the poorest of conditions, they didn’t seek to change the circumstances, they simply laid at his feet their devotion of love.

They recognised him as a future king and priest by giving him the gifts of gold and incense. Finally they surrendered the baby’s destiny and accepted Emanuel’s ultimate sacrifice that he would endure, by the gift of mir, preparing him for his burial.

As a parent, I would’ve gladly accepted the gold and incense but asked them to keep the mir.

As a parent I’d be fine with a prophetic word that my child would impact the lives of many, but I’d be horrified to know my child would die before me as part of their destiny.

Fortunately these young parents were led by the Devine as were these wise men and they set the stage for the Devine to walk among us.

Emanuel born in sorrow, died in sorrow that we all may experience Emanuel, God with us.

In an age of technology, prosperity and busyness many have lost their soul and meaning for life.

Just know Emanuel is among us shedding the light of love, hope and renewal the moment we acknowledge our need for such a deep human experience.