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Crooked Spire, epitome of a destination cafe

The most unlikely atmosphere in the most unlikely location, Crooked Spire located at 71 Victoria St, Midland is the winner of 2018 Swan Chamber business of the year award and when you visit, it’s not hard to understand why?

The moment you walk in you’d be hard pressed to locate yourself anywhere in Perth.

There is interesting eclectic furniture and art where ever your eyes drift to.

The stage at one corner, sound system second to none and the perfect beats in the background suggests there’s talent sprinkled among the cafe staff.

Fortunately I know the owner from a previous life and I’m truly impressed that he and the whole team at Crooked Spire have successfully translated their spirit and character into the venue.

While having my coffee with my friends, I reconnected with an old professional acquaintance who just walked in and noted young and old from all walks of life who’ve made Crooked Spire their obvious cafe destination.

A very unique cafe that reflects quality service, food and beverages.

In challenging times within the retail and dining sector, Crooked Spire is going against the trend with their success, clearly stirring the imagination of possibilities.

They are the epitome of what Smart City Perth is all about.

If you are remotely in the Midland area, it’s a must.