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Modern day John the Baptist, where are you?

Why, in such a modern technological world are we still riddled with political and religious fervour?

Mankind is bent on the few controlling the masses and no political or religious entity is immune to its intoxicating grip.

While religion likes to consider John the Baptist as their own and the militant atheist disregards the supposed mad man in the desert, John the Baptist walked to the beat of a different drum.

In a time where the political and religious power were carving up lands, holding on to positions of privilege and controlling the masses, John the Baptist starts a movement in the desert.

The politicians and the religious establishment dismissed him as a non threat, with no land or political sway, UNTIL?

You and I as world citizens are free to be open, to share what we believe, especially in the western culture which many consider to be the free world, UNTIL?

You become a person of influence.

The moment you become a person of influence, even if you’re minding your own business, you’ll draw the attention of the political and religious establishment and they will consider how you’ll effect what they believe to be their land and positions of power.

To the modern day John the Baptist, keep adhering to your God given conscience and speak what’s in your heart and like John the Baptist, with no sword or weapon in his hand you’ll bring down the walls of the establishment that have forgotten their public duty.

Maybe the movement in the desert is a new business idea or social enterprise and you’ve been gripped in your heart to follow through. I encourage you to believe it, speak it and walk it and you’ll influence others to see beyond politics and religion as you ignite in them to live a conscience driven life.

The effect that a conscience driven person has on society is immeasurable.

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