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The beauty of ageing gracefully and refusing to worry

2018 greeted me with a series of medical checks

My glasses are thicker, I had my first rear tooth mola removed and then things get a little more intense.

Mid year I welcomed a five inch scar along my lower spine after a procedure to remove a malignant melanoma and to finish off the year, I had my first colonoscopy.

When did I turn into that guy?

One minute I’m young without even a thought of these midlife checks, the next, I’m confronted with life threatening concerns.

What’s my response to such concerns?

Be it tomorrow or forty years from now, I intend on going to the grave when my time comes, worn out, squeezed out, but not rusted out.

These checks and procedures are just a reminder that this body I inhabit is not my ultimate home, I’m just passing through.

The very idea of retirement is repulsive, the very idea of slowing down isn’t an option.

I believe that we are spiritual beings that inhabit our bodies and when our bodies have run their course, we move on.

Being young or old is a state of mind. I’ve come across too many young people that carry the world on their shoulders and that’s not their burden to carry.

I’ve also met some seasoned people that have cast off their cares into the hands of God who has lightened their burden.

Do not worry about tomorrow, live a full today, tomorrow will take care of itself.

I celebrated one of my grandsons birthdays today, just seeing his beautiful face reminded me how truly blessed I am.

I believe our best days are always before us if we are guided by a life of hope, charity and love.

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