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A Corporate Hippie’s impact

This is the person that has come of age, experience and maturity to know what they don’t want and free to follow their dreams.


The Corporate Hippie refreshes those within their sphere of influence, always leading others through the terrain and encouraging them to follow moral law rather than outdated paths and systems.

The Corporate Hippie adapts to every opportunity with chameleon characteristics likened to the Ancient Saint Paul, paraphrased “I became all things to all people so that by all possible means I might help some become complete”

The Corporate Hippie isn’t looking for validation in the immediate, knowing that they will stir the pot, disrupt the comfortable and extend a hand to the weak and vulnerable. When all is said and done, the Corporate Hippie does so much more behind the scenes while they speak the future into existence.

The Corporate Hippie talks in riddles, lives life with apatite, influences those within their orbit and their focus is unparalleled.

The Corporate Hippie is led by a calling that even they can’t explain. They are compelled to create, to fashion, to nurture life. They see neither colour nor creed, they see things as they are.

If you find yourself hearing the call to be a Corporate Hippie, you’ll never find peace till you yield.

The qualifications of a Corporate Hippie are difficult to articulate but one thing is for sure, a Corporate Hippie’s Impact is the fruit they produce.

They breathe life in people wherever they go.