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A Smart City masterpiece and an end of tribalism

The moment someone leaves an organisation, family, job, club, it’s like leaving a tribe. There is a primitive mechanism that kicks in, the tribe regroups and isolates those who are seen as the defectors.

Having the courage to be inclusive is a sign of enlightenment and an end to primitive tribalism.

Tribes survive with us or without us and have done for thousands of years, they live on and maintain themselves. Tribes have an ability to adapt and build walls of distinction, us and them.

I’ve been a part of three distinct tribes in my life, a Greek/Macedonian family tribe, an orthodox religious tribe and a corporate business tribe, all displaying the same characteristics.

All three tribes tried to define me and when I couldn’t conform, each tribe isolated me ignorantly for their very survival.

The very idea of belonging to a specific tribe gives the tribe its meaning, be it good or bad.

Breaking free from the us and them mentality to be inclusive of all tribes to create a Smart City masterpiece would be a type of heaven on earth.

Who wouldn’t in there right mind want a taste of heaven here on earth, a place filled with peace, prosperity and hope for generations to come.

Over two thousand years ago a political and religious prisoner on an island was ostracised for his beliefs had an incredible revelation of what heaven would be like and I’ll paraphrase ~ ‘It’s a place that includes every tribe and language from the four corners of the earth, an innumerable number of people who were held accountable to the wisdom of the ages’

I’ve had the privilege of travelling extensively to many parts of the world and communicating with so many people groups. I’m convinced that we are all conditioned by tribalism and yet there is an inner voice of conscience that seeks to be free from the us and them mentality.

Imagine building a city, a truly smart city with all the bells and whistles of technology that embraces the idea of inclusivity. Accomodating every people group, a multicultural, multigenerational city championing what it is to be human and each being answerable to our God given conscience.

I believe PERTH has the makings of a truly world class Smart City masterpiece if we have the courage to be inclusive, embrace difference and celebrate the tapestry of diversity.

Over the last five years I had the privilege of consulting within a construction company as a Chaplain/ Mentor. The company was represented by over sixty nationalities and their flags were raised around the head office site. Each person’s ability to be part of a great company didn’t mean to deny their tribe and culture. The company who is led by a philosophical managing director invites colleagues to add the best part of their tribe and culture to create a smarter and more wholesome company as long as they hold themselves accountable to do what is right.

Perth’s in a privileged part of the world where our nations laws are continually developing to accommodate such opportunities, that has not yet been experienced in the history of man.

Smart City Perth challenges tribalism at its worst and encourages distinction of identity at its best.

I’m a proud Greek/Macedonian/Australian who endeavours to live by two laws, to love God with all my heart and mind and soul, held answerable to conscience and to love my neighbor like I love myself.

If I can achieve a token of the above, I have little room for the us and them mentality.

The urbanism migration predicts that 60% of the world’s population will be living in cities, we have the opportunity to build a Smart City Masterpiece on our doorstep.

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  1. My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Tom last year through a job in Perth where through smilovits we were blessed all the time we worked together with a care, respect and attention that until that moment we had not found no one in this country For us, we do not only win a boss but a friend who gave us an opportunity when we need it most and who will carry in our hearts everything that has taught us. A man capable of transforming any environment of sadness into joy and any difficulty in prosperity. I wish all of you and your family all the best. Hugs Vander and Poliana

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