The Job is the boss (27)

I had a catch up with the General Manager of Hanssen Construction just before Christmas and he gives me a gift, my now new coffee cup that I use each morning.

Reminding me that ‘The Job is the Boss’ What job?

I heard this term some years ago when attending manager site meetings on various construction jobs. During the meetings, they’d often heat up and managers would look to blame someone for falling behind or mistakes that have been made. It was at those strategic points,Gerry Hanssen, the Managing Director would pull the reigns on everyone and remind them that ‘The Job is the Boss’

It was quite an empowering term that others heard but didn’t listen or understand. Gerry was clearly saying that ‘The Job’ out ranks everyone and ‘The Job’ determines what happens next.

There was no time for personal gripes or factions because they undermine ‘The Job’ and the end game was to finish the job on time and on budget.

Over the course of time Gerry defined what ‘The Job is the Boss’ meant to him with 12 rules likened to the Ten Commandments, Gerry will often laugh and say “God gave me an extra two rules” (Non negotiable principles that empower us to reach our objectives)

I believe ‘The Job is the Boss’ can be applied to so many areas in life.

– Raising a family

– Living a life on purpose

– Starting a business or not for profit

– Rebuilding an existing business or not for profit that has lost its core vision

– Making a fresh commitment to ourselves of what we want out of life

Like Gerry, I believe if we define what it is that is the end goal and write down some non negotiable principles of how to reach that goal without violating our conscience, we’ll find the path reveals itself day by day.

So much of life is wasted like the proverbial going round the mountain again and again because so many people don’t have clear objectives of where they’re trying to go in life.

Pick a destination and we’ll find that it becomes a powerful force in itself to help us reach our goals.

‘The Job is the Boss’ untangles so much mental, physical and emotional clutter.

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One Comment on “The Job is the boss (27)

  1. Very nice tagline. I’m looking forward to hear the 12 rules around it, too, if not a Company confidential matter.

    Happy New Year, Tom and to your family! 🙂

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