Off the beaten track for future leaders (28)

There is something disturbing about the silence of an unchartered track, especially when we make the shift from the safe path to the unknown.

While most people can get frustrated by routine, rarely will they give it up in order to explore possibilities.

The day we launch our new business and open the doors, the anxiety or gut wrenching feeling until the first customer buys our goods and services.

The day we invest our money until the day we see the return can be unsettling.

Pioneering a new idea has moments of silence where we question our ability to pull off what’s in our heart.

It’s in the silence of a new direction that a creative mindset takes place and our inner voice becomes very distinct.

Silence in uncharted territory is where the magic happens, it’s where the new song gets written that has a melody that no one has ever heard.

Avoid the temptation to talk about the struggles too much during those silent periods especially with others that can’t see or feel what you do. Their good intentions will feed your fear of failure.

There are still too many ideas that haven’t been realised and the world is waiting for pioneers to stick to the off beaten tracks until the silence is broken.

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