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Dream Builders Care

A low cost supermarket and cafe in the heart of Midland, Perth Western Australia.

A perfect example of Re-Habitation of Commercial Real Estate.

It’s the moment you meet individuals like Ursula that you begin to appreciate the term ‘Making a difference’

The picture behind Ursula is apt to describe her mother’s heart in all the work she does, working with broken youth.

Always pushing the boundaries, always making the most out of the circumstances, Ursula doesn’t understand ‘It’s not possible’

I walk around the store and facilities before I surprise Ursula that I’m on site and of course, it’s all happening, the place is completely run by volunteers. It’s buzzing with life, a property I’m familiar with, a property always struggling to get the right tenant, until Dream Builders Care rock up.

Ursula is challenging the status quo of opportunity by training those struggling to get a job, those that society doesn’t quite know what to do with.

While sitting in Ursula’s office, a young lady rocks up ready for work, she looks nervous and probably has no idea the lengths Dream Builders Care go through to make her feel normal.

What makes Dream Builders Care Work is nothing short of community collaboration with local property owners, the Stefanelli Family and the vision of leaders like Ursula who invest their time and money giving back to those less fortunate.

Smart City Perth and the Swan Chamber of Commerce celebrate individuals and companies that know the value of giving back. I look forward to sharing ongoing stories of lives being transformed as a result of mixing business with social impact over the coming months.

If you’d like to know more on how to invest and get involved with Dream Builders Care, Midland, check out their website by clicking onto the logo and contact them direct.